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What is Pinterest and How I use it to generate daily income!

Pinterest has allowed me to increase my income by 90%!

First let talk about What is Pinterest?

Pinterest share pins of images and videos with other ‘pinners’ from around the world. When you sign up for Pinterest, you will create your boards which will have a different categories such as ‘Tops, Dresses, ETC ’. Then, you will share the relevant image or video pins to that board. The better the board, the more followers you will get on Pinterest! what’s great about this is these followers are interested in what you’re selling, and now when they pin all the followers they have are seeing your products or services you may offer.

How to get more followers on Pinterest?

Create a business Pinterest account

This is key for anyone selling either products or services. When you create a business account, you gain access to a lot of Pinterest benefits that you wouldn’t have otherwise, creating so many new opportunities for your online presence.

 Post Original Content

Most of the content that is found on Pinterest are repins. Pinterest favors fresh Pins. If you want to stand out from the rest, then be creative and post your original content. It could be images, infographics, or quotes. This is a great way of attracting more visitors. If you want to promote your brand, then repin relevant posts that represent your brand. Aside from getting more followers, you can also associate yourself with other pinners.

What do I mean by “new Pins” or “fresh Pins”?

Fresh Pins ​are defined by Pinterest as images or videos that they haven’t seen before. 

  1. A brand-new image to a just-published web page (including blog posts and product pages).

  2. A new and different image for a recently published web page.

  3. A new and different image for an older, previously published page.

You may also see success from an already-used image to a different board, a week or longer after the previous board, but this is NOT “fresh.”

Just because an image is “fresh” doesn’t guarantee success. A new image that leads to poor or irrelevant content is unlikely to be successful.

The algorithm favors more recent, more relevant content. These will be distributed more and seen by a larger audience.


Because Pinners prefer it. Pinterest wants to keep its users happy!


Add Keywords and Hashtags on Images

When pinning your images, don’t forget to include your keywords in the description and images. So, when people are looking for certain keywords, they will be redirected to your board. Hashtags can be seen on most feeds. It’s a great way of determining which are the latest and most relevant pins. By using hashtags, you can easily reach out to your target audience.

Link your Pinterest to Other Social Media Networks

Try to link your Pinterest account to FacebookTwitter, and other social media networks, so that your friends can also follow you on Pinterest. You can even promote your Pinterest boards on your other social media accounts.

Make Boards for Special Occasion

Most people will use Pinterest for their wish list. Creating a board that highlights special events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Hanukah, and others, can surely grab people’s attention. This is a great opportunity to offer your products by linking them to a particular occasion.

Be active and engage on Pinterest.

Put the ‘social’ in Social Media! Follow your followers and those who repin you. Repin some of their pins. Say ‘thanks’ to those who comment on your pins or who repin you. Make comments. Engage in conversations. another great way to engage with the  is by scheduling your pins the algorithm favors constants content. 




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