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THE Easiest DIY nontoxic sink scrub

there is nothing that makes me feel like i have my life pulled together like a sparkling clean sink. let me tell you about my favorite nontoxic sink scrub that is sooo easy to make & makes cleaning feel like the most refreshing experience of your life.

while chemical cleaners get the job done, i don’t love the feeling of my lungs burning while i use them. does anybody else hold their breath while use chemical cleaners or was that just me?? well, if you feel like your respiratory track is taking a big L when you use chemical cleaners, you aren’t imagining things. the Think Dirty app rates even the “cleanest” of soft scrubs at a 6 out of 10 for dangerous ingredients due to the presence of sodium hypochlorite (aka bleach). this ingredient is an oxidizing agent that can cause allergies, respiratory and skin irritation. not to mention, its extremely toxic to our ocean friends.

GOOD NEWS! i’ve got a recipe for you that does not involve toxic ingredients like bleach, fragrance, or alcohol ethoxylate to get the job done. no respiratory damage or possible carcinogens anywhere near my sink scrub!



mix the baking soda and oils together. spread evenly around your sink. squirt a bit of thieves dish soap into the sink and moisten with water to create a loose paste. use a scrub brush to clean the grime and let the paste sit for 5 minutes.

my favorite part about this is taking deep breaths and allowing the eucalyptus to open up my lungs. it feels soooo good. completely opposite of bleach (lol)

once your paste has soaked for a little, wash it down the drain and enjoy the satisfaction of a sparkling sink!

you can whip up this recipe in about 2 minutes with minimal ingredients. and it will leave you with a clean and fresh smelling sink for dayssss! or until you let those dishes stack back up and get grimey 🙂