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Roller Blends for Kiddos

When we run out of our favorite KidScents oils we don’t panic we just make some of our own. My kids have a fun time picking out their favorite oils and combining them (with my help of course). Not only are they having fun creating their own blends but they are learning how to support their little bodies.

Stay Well

Growing Groans

Happy Nose

Separation Soother

Sweet Sleep

Tummy Support

Recipes are for 10ml rollers for 5ml rollers just use half the drops. Top off with your carrier oil of choice. Adjust oil drops to according to age. My boys are 11 & 8.

Suggested Dilution Ratios
Age 0-1
1 drop EO // 30 drops carrier

Age 2-6
1 drop EO // 5-10 drops carrier

Age 7-11
1 drop E0 // 2-5 drops carrier


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