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Chemically Damaged Hair has a solution

aug 2019
Jan 2020

Need some hair growth transformation?  Are you balding or have thinning hair? Many times we contribute our self worth and confidence to how attractive we are.  And if you are balding or have thinning hair, it can be devastating.  Due to chemically damaging my hair It starting falling out thinning even balding in some areas.  Before I knew it, my hair was thinning, rapidly.  And I had a substantial amount of hair to loss, however, when you wash your hair and it is coming out by the handful, you start to worry! I decided to stop bleaching my hair and using any type of heat to it. It still was so flat and thin. I swear I think I wore a bun for months, ashamed of how horrible my hair made me feel. I saw a few stories about monat and I just thought why not give it a try. the best decision I’ve ever made. 

Unfortunately, chemically damaged hair is a challenge to get healthy again.  Not sure how to tell if your hair is damaged?  If you perm, straighten, bleach, color or highlight your hair, then you have some form of damaged hair.  Now we just need to determine how damaged you can take my hair quiz. or message me. Thankfully, the Restructuring Hair Care collection is now available! It can be used to repair all chemically damaged hair, from slightly damaged to severally damaged.  As with all our products, there are NO toxic chemicals and you can use some of the products to protect your hair or all of them to repair it!  Fortunately, all our products are safe for color treated hair too!  Buy the entire Restructuring System and start correcting the damage!  Furthermore, buy the products separately to see which ones work best for you!  I love the shampoo and pre-wash conditioner combo!   

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