How do you pick from the ever-growing list of intimate gifts for the blushing bride? Bachelorette parties can be anywhere from a girls-gone-wild trip to a classy teatime. If you’re going to tea, you probably shouldn’t venture out with a sex toy as a gift. But, if you’re going to a party that’ll be sure to continue until dawn, you want a gift that’ll elicit admiration from attendees. Let’s look at some types of parties and the perfect gifts to bring.

Classy & PRIM

This is the kind of party where solo cups are nowhere in sight and the champagne is actually poured into flutes (not the plastic kind). The bride likes to keep it classy, so perfume is always an option she is sure to love. She can use this as a subtle way to entice her new spouse. As a second option, why not give her some bubble bath? Planning a wedding is hard and everyone deserves a chance to relax. Plus, what’s classier than a glass of wine, some candles, and a nice bubble bath?

Perfume Faves

Bubble bath faves

play it by the book

It’s time for a lady’s night out, with just a few rules. This bride wants to have a night on the town, but not go full The Hangover. Now is the chance to focus more on intimate products. Give her something to show off on the big night with a little lingerie or you can add to the party with a vibrating wand. This may elicit some oohs and ahhs from the crowd. She can use it to give a massage or add some excitement to the bedroom.

Lingerie picks


This bride is ready for her last hurrah and she wants everyone to get in on the fun. All rules are out the window and anything could happen. Now’s the time to see what gifts will really bring the party. Create some buzz by getting a c-ring or another toy for two that’ll work for the happy couple. Both the bride and her S.O. can get pleasure out of popular couples toys. You could also get a little wild and bring a nicely wrapped whip. Make sure you know the bride well if you’re giving her this daring gift.

Every bride is different. You’ll know the best gift to give based on the atmosphere she wants for the bachelorette party. So read the room (or invitation) and plan accordingly.

toys for the couple


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