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What is Monat Flexship?

Flexship Service, we will conveniently deliver your products directly to your door. Here is how it works:

1. Enroll as a VIP and place your first qualified Flexship order (your Enrollment order). You will receive an immediate perk with the Only For You product in your first order!

2. Agree that your second and third Flexships are also $84 USD.

3. Order them on your schedule! You decide when they come—you can push delivery as often as you like. Choose the products that work for you and when they ship.  

How to Change Monat Flexship Date?

As a Monat VIP customer, you are required 2 Flexship orders.  A qualifying order is $84 of product and will include a Just for You product and Free Shipping.  You are not required to have a Flexship every month or in any special increment.

When you sign up as a VIP you will schedule your first Flexship.  If when your date arrives, you don’t need the scheduled products you can change your order or push out your date.  You only need to purchase 3 times in your lifetime.




  • Go to Shop on the top menu bar and click MY FLEXSHIP


  • If you want to change what is in your order, click EDIT.

  • If you want to change or push your ship date, click CHANGE SHIP DATE.


  • If you are pushing your ship date it will ask you why

  • Select a reason and click SUBMIT

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