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Jump Right In Enrollment Booster & MINIBlock Bonus

Invite NEW Market Partners to jump right into business in October with two fantastic ways to start sharing and earning! It’s the best time to grow your team!
1)    Booster Pack with Purchase of a Product Pack: New Market Partners enrolling with a Product Pack October 1–15 will receive a Booster Pack with our hottest products!

These Booster Packs will supplement the already valuable Product Packs with which the new MPs enroll. Additionally, the SMART Start Blocks and MONATborhood bonuses in the Compensation Plan can only be earned when new MPs enroll with a Product Pack.
2)    Limited-Time Only: MINIBlock Bonus for MPs and Sponsors: Market Partners enrolling October 1–31 are eligible to earn incredible bonuses by building MINIBlocks within the first 30 days of their enrollment date! A MINIBlock includes enrolling one (1) new Market Partner with a Product Pack and two (2) VIP Customers.

The new Market Partner will earn $100 USD for building the MINIBlock, and that new Market Partner’s sponsor will earn $50 USD! It’s a win-win!


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