MONAT is a complete game changer in the hair and beauty industry. The only company I can think of that considers your hair when it comes to anti-aging. Leaders in plant-based technology. The #1 Premium hair care company in the world with more than 1 million VIP customers.

But so controversial. There are so many questions.

Anti-aging hair care, and really, hair health in general, is something that’s kind of new to most of us. We all take the time to learn about skin care and healthy eating and fitness… but we never consider the health of our hair and most importantly, our scalp. People are literally more concerned about the dead skin on their heels than on their head. And you know what’s scary? Not one other hair company out there is talking about hair health.

They talk about how they promote shine, increase volume, reduce dandruff… and then products are marketed by promising to mask your problems rather than treat them.

Let me be clear: MONAT is not about changing your hair, it’s about bringing it back to its natural state.

(And they do it with products that are non-toxic, naturally-based, gluten-free, vegan, and leaping bunny certified)

What’s funny is that all these products we’ve been brought up using actually clog our follicles, preventing new growth, and destroy our hair’s health. Yet, when someone using Pantene starts to experience hair loss, they never once consider that it could be caused by their shampoo.

So why have some haters been so quick to blame MONAT for hair loss?

Listen, no business is going to be successful selling a product that causes women’s hair to fall out. So let’s start talking about hair health and how MONAT helps to promote that health…


Okay, I’m about to get science-y for a minute here. You ready?

The anatomy of the hair starts with your follicle. Each follicle is connected to its own blood supply. To be “living”, a hair has to have blood/nutrients, therefore, the only “living” part of your hair is at the follicle. The rest of our hair, the stuff we actually see, is technically not living.

So like, you know how your mother always told you if you trim you’re hair it’ll grow faster? That’s simply not true.


Everything in biology revolves around cycles… every. single. thing. Kay?

Here are the phases your hair goes through:


This is the hair growth phase, when the follicle is actually attached to the blood supply, it’s living, it’s growing, and your hair is getting longer. You look awesome.


This is when your hair detaches from the follicle but doesn’t leave your head yet.


This is when the hair falls out. Naturally, we can shed up to 100 hairs a day.


During the telogen phase, or the “shedding” phase, we can have so much buildup/waxes/silicones/gunk on our scalp, that when those hairs naturally detach and need to shed, they can’t. They’re stuck.

So then you know what happens to those hair follicles? Because those hairs are stuck in there, no new growth can come in.


After you’re done reading this, you’re going to wonder why not every single shampoo out there works in this way. Listen up.

MONAT works to cleanse the scalp, like really cleanse it (as I’m sure we all thought all shampoo was suppose to do anyways), to remove all that buildup/waxes/silicones/gunk. As this is happening, any follicles that were just sitting there, all sleepy and sluggish, are now waking up. They’re becoming enlarged. As all that shit is getting cleaned out of there, those hairs that got stuck after detaching (in the catagen phase) but couldn’t fall out when they were suppose to (in the telogen phase), are now able to fall out.

So yes, some shedding is expected. Shedding of dead hairs that weren’t growing AND were preventing new growth from coming in. There may be more for some people than others.


The products contain nutrients that kind of act like a fertilizer for those follicles to help promote healthy regrowth. The main ingredient here is Rejuveniqe. I talk a bit about this here, and I’ll do a whole blog post on it soon, but basically, it’s our blend of 13+ natural plant and essential oils rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and nutrients that are actually highly compatible with skin and hair. Meaning, the molecules are small enough to actually be absorbed into the scalp and not just sit on your hair.


I’ll be honest with you, the first few weeks… maybe a month or so of first using the product, I didn’t love it. But you’ve gotta trust the process.. (I’ll be sharing my full experience with you in a full post very soon). But once I got past this “detox” phase, everything changed.

Because your scalp is now getting rid of that build up and your follicles are unclogging and your dead hairs can finally be released out into the wild, yes, expect some shedding. Guys, listen. No shampoo can make your hair fall out. But what I’m telling you is most shampoos actually prevent new growth. Monat works to open up those follicles so new hairs can grow in where dead hairs were clogged, doing nothing.

Think of it like getting rid of those shitty friends who put you down and don’t understand your working on your side hustle, and replacing them with new supportive friends with big dreams and goals like you.

Also, because all those silicones and waxes and everything are coming off, some say their hair feels a little bit greasy for a minute. I find it feels more “waxy”. This doesn’t last long, it doesn’t happen to everyone, and it might not happen right away. I was a couple weeks in when my hair felt this way (but you couldn’t tell by looking at it) and I remember being able to see the build up sitting on my scalp as it began to become unclogged from my follicles and lift off.


Trust. The. Process. You won’t regret it. But here’s a couple other things that can help:

Rejuveniqe Oil Treatments: I recommend this oil to everyone no matter what other products you’re using. It’s unreal. You leave it on your scalp overnight, wash as normal in the morning, and your hair will feel light, fluffy, balanced, healthy… and your scalp even healthier

Soothing Micellar Shampoo: If you’ve done my hair quiz, you may notice this gets recommended along with another shampoo for your hair type. Wash first with this, and then do your second wash with the other shampoo. It works magic when it comes to removing that build up and waxy feeling. The Men’s BLACK 2-in-1 can also be used in the same way. So if you’re buying for your husband, you can skip the clarifying shampoo and steal his (that’s what I do).

That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets…” 🤫

my hair regrowth after just 5 months of using non-toxic, vegan hair products!!! Here’s my experience with the products:

+ MAY 2020 – I started using Monat. I was already experiencing some serious postpartum hair loss. Because the products work to “wake up” sluggish hair follicles and get rid of old dead hair and skin cells that have been clogging them up, some shedding is to be expected. I really couldn’t tell you how much shedding I experienced because my postpartum hair loss was already out of control.

+ FIRST MONTH – I thought the products were okay.

+ A FEW WEEKS IN – my hair felt cleaner than ever. It wasn’t getting oily as fast, my normally dry ends were no longer static-y. It all just felt healthy.

+ 2-3 MONTHS IN – I noticed baby hairs coming in and my individual hairs felt thicker and stronger

+ 4 MONTHS IN – hair is full of shine, it’s light, balanced, strong, and my scalp feels healthy

+ 5 MONTHS IN – I look back on some older photos and I’m SHOOK at the regrowth

Ps.  I was patient with the process. It took a few short months for my scalp to get healthy and for the regrowth to really start coming in. And now that it has I’m so happy I committed to the products!
If you’re ready to start taking care of your hair and scalp with some new products, take 2 minutes to do the hair quiz 

let’s put together a line for you! 💋

So, give it some time, this is NOT a quick fix. It takes time to remove what’s been damaging your scalp, and for those nutrients to work their magic. But once they do, the changes start happening really fast and you’ll be so happy you made the switch.

If you guys have ANY questions, please reach out! Leave in the comments below, DM me on Instagram or email me… I’m always here to help you out!

If you’re interested in trying the products:
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