Why I Switched To Non-Toxic Products

My Why

2 years ago, My doctor gave me life changing news. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, that news tore me apart. All I could think about was why me and like anyone with children worried they would stay without a mother. My doctor told me to switch few feminine products to nontoxic. I started researching  toxic product and I realize I was using so many Toxic product on an everyday basis. I had no idea almost everything i used to clean was toxic to my body. everything I was using to even wash my hair, the skincare products were all toxic. I was in complete disbelieve. I even went as far as to blame myself for getting cancer at 29 years old. 

How I started my switch

I made the decision to switch to non-toxic products on my body first.  I started with my feminine Product as per what my doctor recommended not to ever use tampons(this was my go to all my life). she explained the vaginal walls are incredibly permeable, and any chemicals in a tampon can make it to the bloodstream, which isn’t great when you think about how many we use. She recommended a few because like she explained not everyone is the same. 

MY Overall thoughts please keep in mind no women is the same! what works for me may not work for you:


The pads are great for people who like pads but are not for me at all. I’ve never liked them since I was teenage just because it very uncomfortable to me kinda gives me that feeling of wearing a diaper lol. Pros they are all nontoxic!(most importantly ) second they weren’t as thick as standard but did still gave me that diaper feel.


Let me start by saying I had no idea how I felt about this one to be honest. The concept of period underwear may take a little while to wrap your head around, but there are some amazing options now that provide women with a safe non-tampon option that isn’t bulky or messy.Their absorbent period underwear comes in a variety of styles and absorbency levels from boyshorts to thongs (yes, thongs!). 

Thinx Thong Period Underwear

Thinx Boyshort Period Underwear

Thinx Hi-Waist Menstrual Underwear


Menstrual cups are my go to now My preferred choice is the flex for my body it just fit perfect and made no mess.Menstrual cups are not new at all but many women haven’t considered trying one I assume they believe it uncomfortable which is what I thought before trying. It is something that may take a little trial and error, but when I put my girls on this they said they would never go back to tampons! Another perk of cups: they last for years, which is great for our planet.There’s a lot to consider in this category, so start with this great roundup of options to consider, and here are a couple of products that rose to the top in my research. 

Bath Gels

GINGER BURST Savory Body Wash ovely scent but very watery; the soap poured out of the tube without me having to squeeze it. Actually, it dripped out of the tube; what a disappointment. Also, or maybe because of this, there was virtually no lather. I used a birthday discount coupon that brought the cost down quite a bit but I still think this is a very poor value. I’m actually thinking of going in to a bricks-and-mortar store to complain and return this. Quality of Origins has been sliding downhill.

Evening Peace my far my favorite because my skin felt amazing no lotion and it was winter time when normally my skin is the driest. It refreshes the skin and calms the mind. It made from essential oils such as Coriander, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium it invokes the feeling of serenity and relaxation to soothe and nourish the skin.all infused with the soothing, therapeutic aroma of essential oils. Then lather up and allow the luxurious scents and skin-refreshing effects honestly my skin never felt so amazing they also sell it in bar if your not into shower gels. 

Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash my son actually been using this body wash since age 3 the doctor recommended this because he had really bad eczema he is 11 now. when I used this My body broke out in hives for a week my son has never had an issue.