How to make Cleansing salts

Cleansing salts are easy to make and super versatile. Swipe through for the recipe as well as some ideas on using cleansing salts in your craft 🖤⁠⁠

Salt can be a witch’s best friend when performing magick and rituals. Because of its ability to absorb energy and hold onto it, salt is used to cleanse and purify and area of negative energy, and create protection boundaries. The salt, and energy, can then be returned to the earth when the ritual is complete. 

Different types of salt can be used for different purposes.


Table Salt
Sodium chloride in its most refined form. Trace minerals are generally removed, and the salt is finely ground. Many times, iodine is added back in, as well as small amounts of anti-caking agents, so the salt flows freely. Table salt is the least expensive of all the salts, and is generally used for home and sacred space cleansing rituals and protection circles.

Sea Salt
Sodium chloride made by evaporating sea water. Sea salt can contain trace minerals like potassium, iron and zinc. The lighter the sea salt, the lower its concentration of trace nutrients will be. Sea salt is often used in purification and cleansing baths. Because it is from the sea, ruled by the element of water, which also deals with emotions, sea salt is great for spells to help release and cleanse negative feelings.

Himalayan Salt
Himalayan salt is pink in color, and has trace amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium found in it. It has a slightly lower amount of sodium in it than table salt. The higher iron content makes the salt pink, and because of this iron, Himalayan salt aligns the earth with the universe. This salt is great for protection during astral travel and when spiritually travelling between worlds.

Celtic Salt
Celtic Salt is a wet salt originating from the coasts of France. It has a gray color, due to the large amount of trace minerals found in it. It has a lower sodium content than table salt, and is best used for kitchen witchery, as the extra minerals nourish the body and add power to the magickal intent.

Black Salt
Black salt, also known as Witch’s Salt, is primarily used for protection and to dispel negative energy. There is non-edible black salt, which is generally made by mixing salt with charcoal or ash from a ritual fire. Hawaiian Lava Salt is made by combining sea salt with coconut shell charcoal, and is edible, used mainly in kitchen witchery. 

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What you’ll Need!

  • Mortar and pestle/food processor

  • sea salt

  • Dried rose petals

  • Rosemary or sage

  • ashes from incense or herb bundle (Optional)


         Add 1tsp of dried rose petals to mortar add 1tsp of dried sage or rosemary to mortar use pestle to grind herbs until they’re nicely mixed and crushed into a loose powder. move ingredients to bowl, and add the sea salt. add the ash if you like. 

   Cleansing salts are versatil, easy to make and long-lasting. You could use the salt to charge and cleanse magical objects, for banishing and shielding magick, in spell bottles, to charge sigils or generally to empower any magical workings that call for salt.