If you strain your eyes looking at screens all day, these might be worth a shot.

Have you ever notice after spending time on the computer or your phone having a headaches, blurry vision and dry eyes? 6 in 10 adults experience symptoms of digital eye strain after using devices for more than 2 hours.  I decided after countless headaches to give blue light glasses a try. Now I love them I wear blue light blocking glasses to protect my eyes since I look at the computer and phone screens most of the day. They are starting to come out with some super cute pairs so I linked mine + a few favorites below!

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Good size. Sturdy, not flimsy at all. The lenses are very clear. They have a very, very slight tint that you can only notice if you’re closely inspecting them. They came in a ziploc type bag with a lens cleaning cloth, a “thank you” card with poor grammar (which is strange since they’re a pretty big company), and a blue-light/testing card. The “blue-light” didn’t work and felt strange so I popped it open. It was literally a hollow piece of plastic. I’m no flashlight expert but I’m pretty sure they only include it for show. You also get $15 off your next pair if you post a picture of yourself wearing them to instagram. Overall, I’m satisfied with them.

A few other options…


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